How to overcome shared library saga on open system

First of all this is just an instance I recover …not always the same path or procedure apply..but surely help.But please refrain yourself doing it on the production box..

I do not issue any guarantee that it will work for you.

So one of OS got clobbered and a specific piece of library is the culprit to prohibit lot of services to start and even run. Because that library is somehow attached to those daemons and services.Now I was discovering a nice piece of software and the part of it to run ssh and sftp. When I start experimenting with it throws error that it cannot connect to the server. So my little experience tell that services might not be running on the box.

As I cross checked it and found it was the case. Second step I tried to start the service and stumbled over with this error:

sudo /sbin/service sshd start
Starting sshd: /usr/sbin/sshd: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Oooops!! I as discover that when system boot it failed many service like this.So few hover here and the within the system checked those ld.con… related stuff and running “ldconfig” showing that library is very much there in the system and rightly linked. Then the last resort plan to reinstall the that fellow( the krb5-libs) . But doing so might break other thing too in the system. Fortunately I was doing it on test bed not in the production box.Then I have to think different ways.So i went on reinstalling that lib like below:

sudo yum install krb5-libs
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
Adding en_US to language list
google-chrome | 951 B 00:00
Setting up Install Process
Package krb5-libs-1.8.2-8.fc14.i686 already installed and latest version
Nothing to do
bhaskar@bhaskar-laptop_18:23:39_Mon Mar 07:~/Downloads/wimleers-fileconveyor-207361c/code> sudo yum reinstall krb5-libs
Loaded plugins: langpacks, presto, refresh-packagekit
Adding en_US to language list
Setting up Reinstall Process
Resolving Dependencies
--> Running transaction check
---> Package krb5-libs.i686 0:1.8.2-8.fc14 set to be reinstalled
--> Finished Dependency Resolution

Dependencies Resolved

Package Arch Version Repository Size
krb5-libs i686 1.8.2-8.fc14 updates 693 k

Transaction Summary
Reinstall 1 Package(s)

Total download size: 693 k
Installed size: 1.7 M
Is this ok [y/N]: y
Downloading Packages:
Setting up and reading Presto delta metadata
Processing delta metadata
Package(s) data still to download: 693 k
krb5-libs-1.8.2-8.fc14.i686.rpm | 693 kB 00:32
Running rpm_check_debug
Running Transaction Test
Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
Installing : krb5-libs-1.8.2-8.fc14.i686 1/1

krb5-libs.i686 0:1.8.2-8.fc14


Now retry the service I want to start and it’s working!!!..

sudo /sbin/service sshd start
Starting sshd: [ OK ]

Another one coming up…..

sudo /sbin/service puppetmaster sta
Starting puppetmaster: [ OK ]

Yes, as I said this not the optimal solution ..but I will take it.

Hope this will help.



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